Monday, January 16, 2017

Thumbnail sketch and confessional

I'm back from a vacation in NE Tennessee seeing my lady's family. Feeling reinvigorated and focused to finish the book!

My new self-determined deadline (I'm a few months late of my last one) is mid-Spring of this year. In case it isn't clear, I have big barriers to break through to finish this. I have a new family and free undisturbed time is sparse. Also, not to be understated, I have never finished a project this big before that has as much potential as this one and it will be very damaging to my low self-esteem. Ha ha! Therefore, resistance! That takes the form of anxiety and procrastination and other self-defeating habits.

I'm being honest and somewhat transparent on this blog because I think other artists need to see this. It's real and it is what so many of us struggle with. Growth is not always easy. I am growing tremendously as an artist in this process, and developing my own character. I think I have been averse to hard things all my life. (Not entirely true, of course!)

While on vacation, I did some sketching for the book, including this thumbnail showing our hero self-satisfied with his conclusion and about to learn the actual truth. Separately, there was a little messing around with watercolor which I will need to improve skill with for the coloring of the final drawings - the final art!

Thanks for reading! Comments are appreciated. I'd love to have a dialogue!